September 10, 2014


I don't often go on dates, or rather - I don't go on dates. For a simple reason - I am married. And since my husband was pretty much the only man I went out with and then got married to straight away, I hadn't had much of a dating experience prior to my marriage either. Unfortunately - or rather fortunately - I managed to avoid all the dating stress somehow, and I know it is stressful for a fact.

Everyone has a friend with never ending dating drama, including me. A friend of mine, let's call her Katya, has just started going out with a new man, and the amount of drama she is going through is truly depressing. She stresses over pretty much anything - what to wear, what to say, how to sit, what perfume to choose and other quite common emotions almost everyone experiences before heading to a date. However her recent cause of stress is what to eat on first dates, or for that matter, - what not to eat. As things are, first dates almost always take place in restaurants or other places where you get food. Food connects people.

September 3, 2014


Seeing as the last post on the blog had too many words, I thought it would be quite reasonable to add a photo post just to dilute it, you know. It's not like it took me months to edit the shooting, it was actually ready weeks after. But summer was too generous on nice memories and busy days, hence less time for the blog.

I would like to introduce a new section on the blog - "OPINION", where I am planning to actually write more. It would be great if you guys could somewhat guide me on what subjects you would like to read more on the blog. We could actually "write together". Any suggestions?

August 24, 2014


In light of recent developments, there's a question that has bothered me a lot lately and I wanted to raise it on the blog. Have you ever tried to count how many times a day you mention "God" in your speech or even thoughts? "Oh my God!", "For God's sake!", "God bless you!", "God forbid!", "God this, God that!". Now, I'm a religious person, I'm a Jew, and I believe in God. Moreover, I feel his presence almost in every aspect of my life. But, what is "God" for me?...

May 24, 2014


That's me showing a model how to fly pose, basically me working. And yes I am perfectly capable of binding up as a pretzel if needed until I get a model to do exactly what I need her to do :) We made something exceptionally beautiful and very soon you will hopefully have a chance to see the shooting for yourself. I feel happy blogging again and really need to catch up on sharing so many exciting things with you lot! I can't thank you guys enough for sticking around and making my come back so wonderful!
Happy weekend all! Naomi x

May 19, 2014


May for me is a little moment between spring and summer that passes by so quick and unnoticed, leaving a strange aftertaste of melancholy. Time has a strange habit when it nears April  - it gathers steam and starts rushing like crazy. If you think about it, though, it quickens when you make plans and look forward to something, having nothing to do with the time of the year.

By the middle of Spring you usually start making mental notes to lose weight, regularly visit gym, read and walk more, and eat lots of healthy food; not to forget to book a flight to Paris and NYC and visit museums and theaters instead of cinemas... Once you start materialising the plans you don't even notice it's actually already October. Time runs when you have lots of plans to realise but it's terribly hard to take and live "today", without looking into tomorrow and thinking about yesterday too much. I'm so happy that Summer is only about to start - and so many nice plans are about to come true.